SJ Lent 2024


Posted : Feb-21-2024

Christ is the Lord of glory as we hear in today's Gospel of the Transfiguration. At first sight it seems strange to hear this account in Lent, the season of austerity. Yet we must understand that it is an event which takes place on the way up to Jerusalem, and that it clearly looks forward to all that will happen to Our Lord there.

     St. Peter, who witnesses this event, is over-come with awe, and does not know what to say, yet he finds himself speaking the words, "Lord it is good for us to be here!" Nor is this all. For he wants to remain in this state of ecstasy, and continue to enjoy it, by offering to put up three tents for Our Lord, and for Moses and Elijah.

But the last and greatest words are extraordinary. For it is only the second time in the Gospels that God the Father’s voice of is heard, pointing out "My Son, the Chosen One." Christ, therefore, is shown to be the Son of God in a unique way. But He is also pointed out as our Teacher when God's voice continues: "Listen to Him!".

                                    ~ FR. PAUL DOBSON

Ashadeep Thank You, 2023

     The parishioners of St. Joseph’s have responded with great generosity and support this past year to the fund-raising request from Fr. Anish for Ashadeep, Centre for the Differently Abled. The contributions collected from St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s parishioners in 2023 was $30,000.00. The total has been sent from St. Patrick’s directly to Ashadeep via the Bijnor Diocese.

     The money raised will go again this year toward purchasing a new school bus, which is urgently needed due to the increase in students attending the school. Many of the students live in villages scattered around the area, often on inaccessible roads. Without the school buses they are unable to attend school.

    Bishop Vincent, the present Bishop of Bijnor Diocese in North, India and the priests and sisters of Ashadeep, are forever grateful for your ongoing support. Your support makes a big difference in the lives of these children and their access to a good education. If you wish to contribute further to Ashadeep, please speak to Fr. Anish.   

                                                          ***THANK YOU***