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Baptism at St. Joseph

Congratulations on the birth of your child!

To baptize your child one parent must be baptized Catholic or in a denomination in communication with the Roman Catholic Church.

Please provide proof of baptism by submitting a copy of your baptism certificate or confirmation certificate, or get a letter from your parish priest confirming that to the best of their knowledge you are a practicing Catholic. (The letter must be delivered to St. Joseph parish office).

If you wish to baptize your child and neither parent is Catholic then one parent must become Catholic by participating in an R.C.I. A. program either with St. Joseph or another Catholic church. Our program begins the end of September with weekly classes where we go through the teachings of the Catholic Church. Candidates are received the following spring during the Easter Vigil. Once the parent is received into the Catholic Church they may arrange baptism for their child or children. To inquire about our R.C.I.A. program please contact us by phone or email.

Children over the age of 6 must attend a catechism program before baptism. This program begins in October and your child will be baptised in the spring. Please contact the parish in September to arrange.

Note 1: If you do not have a copy of a Baptism Certificate, you can obtain a new one by calling the parish where the baptism took place and ask for a new copy. If the parish is not local you may ask them to fax or email us a copy of the certificate and indicate it is for a baptism and name the child to be baptized.

Note 2: Your child must have at least one Godparent who is Catholic (i.e. cannot have two Christian Witnesses) 

To register for baptism:

Pick up a baptism package from the church and return it to us with the completed registration and supporting documentation.  


  1. Please read this Baptism Booklet 
  2. Fill in this Baptism Information fillable word document OR print this PDF  and fill in by hand.
  3. Please email the competed Information sheet along with the supporting documents (scan or good quality photo) to with Baptism - child's name in the subject.    
    • a copy of the Birth Certificate of the child requiring Baptism  
    • a copy of one or both parents baptism or confirmation certificate
    • a copy of the Godfather's Baptismal Certificate
    • a copy of the Godmother's Baptismal Certificate

If you have questins please email Michele at