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Arranging a Funeral at St. Joseph

Funerals – First Steps

Typically a funeral Mass is arranged by the family or by the funeral home selected by the family.  

Generally, funerals are held Monday to Friday at 10:30 am, or on a Saturday morning if the church is not already booked for a wedding or other liturgical celebration.  Times are flexible, but we ask that you also check with the funeral home so that they are able to accommodate a different timeline based on travel constraints for interments or entombments at cemeteries following the Mass.

What we need for the Funeral Mass:  

  • Readings  Families may select from a number of readings suited for funerals from the funeral readings booklet for the Mass. See Readings for Funeral Masses.   A family member or friend can be appointed to read the First and Second Readings and the General Intercessions.  The Gospel will be read by the priest.  Please provide the Parish office with your selected readings and names of those reading them on the Selection Sheet Fillable or print the PDF:  Funeral Readings Selection Sheet
  • Music is always an integral part of a funeral Mass and parish staff will handle the arrangements of booking a cantor and organist, on your behalf, from our current parish musicians.   Families are asked to choose from a list of suitable Catholic hymns set out in the Funeral Music Selections Sheet.  Once selections are made, please return the form to the Parish office, and parish staff will provide to the musician. Please ensure that completed Readings and Music Selections sheets are returned to the Parish office ideally two to three (2-3) days before the funeral Mass, or at the latest, 24 hrs before.
  • Short Biography In preparing for the funeral Mass, the parish priests use a short bio written about the deceased provided by the family.  The bio should include place of birth; where grew up; how many siblings; if married, where married and to whom and how many children, grandchildren, etc.; advise of any hobbies, devotions, activities; what they did for a living – did they work, have a job.  This biography should also be provided to the Parish office with the readings and music selections.

For any other questions or details needed for funeral arrangements, please call the Parish office at 905-826-2766 or by email at