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Do YOU Believe in this Truth!

Posted : Apr-17-2021

Throughout this Easter Season, as we gather together for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, throughout the entire week, we cannot help but notice that the First Readings are taken from the New Testament, and namely, the Acts of the Apostles.  In listening to these readings, we are hearing about the early history of our Church.  Yes, these readings are historical.

     We are able to catch a glimpse of how the faith was transmitted by word-of-mouth from person-to-person.  Isn’t it amazing how the beginnings of the church were so adaptable in its transmission?  That is, the way the faith was expressed was adaptable to the people who were receiving it.  In fact, that is part of why we have the four Gospels, and the expression of the same stories yet told through the voices of four different writers speaking to different audiences.  Listeners could walk towards the same truth using different paths.

     While being adaptable, the Church was so unshakable in its truth.  The truth of God the Son, being sent by God the Father to take human form, to endure his passion, to die an earthly death and to come back to life for the purpose of destroying death and offering us new life.

     As attested to by so many readings during the Tridium and Easter Season, this is the truth that has been told by eyewitnesses, and handed onto others, over and over again (some risking and forfeiting their lives to hand on the truth), until that truth had been given to you.

     Do you believe in this truth?  If so, ask the Holy Spirit to give you strength to go deeper and to go further in handing on this truth.  If not, continue to search, to seek, and to listen.  Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is calling to you, and the Holy Spirit is guiding you.  Just listen. 

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~   Fr. Michael Corpus